Danong Group

Shareholders & Board of Directors

Our company are managed by highly-capable individuals who bring decades of experience with them.
Dato’ Alfred Soh

Dato’ Alfred  is an outstanding entrepreneur with over 30 years of experiences in banking industry, acquisition and distribution of Movies, multi-level marketing & multi businesses investments

Mr. Wong

Mr. Wong owned a 40 years old Chinese based magazine namely Shanghai  (商海) with more than 20 years of marketing both offline and online platform. Mr. Wong involvement in various Association & Media platform has enable him to expand his network to other countries within Asia especially in mainland China

Dato’ Bernard Siow

Dato’ Bernard has more than 20 years experiences in Tele communication. Building and retaining High Performance Teams that exceed expectations

Dato’ Sri Lenus

Dato’ Sri Lenus who has achieved extraordinary growth through global leadership and localized strategies resulting in share gain and continuous profit growth. Hands-on experience in complex markets throughout China and Asia Pacific

Dato’ Alex Wong

Dato ’Alex with more than 30 years experiences in account & finance industry. Visionary and profit-driven leadership with Regional P/L experience

Mr. Lai Kian Sun

Mr. Lai with over 30 years in FMCG industry particularly beverages. Hands-on experiences in market distribution throughout nationwide. Planning and implementing strategies in an Global Leadership Team environment. Building and retaining High Performance Teams that exceed expectations

Mr Liang Foo Kuan

Mr Liang has more than 30 years experiences in F&B industry with the impressive track record of profitability, growth and success. Proven results in operating HALAL & ISO certified central kitchen with up to 5000pax capacity per event.

Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Miow Kit Fong

Mr. Miow with over 40 years experiences in Science and Technology Research and Development. Mr Miow specialized in Fruits Orchard Management System;  tree seedling and planting; Organic fertilizer research & development and production; Developing and production of enzyme bacteria.


Departments / Divisions


Agricultural Science, Technology & Training

Policy and Strategic Planning

Information management

Account & Finance

HR & Administration

Business Development & Investment Policy and Strategic Planning

Corporate Communication